Winter 2017 Recruitment

2017 Recruitment Poster

CPLA also known as Chinese Philanthropic Leadership Association is
hiring again. This fall term we are back with a few month rest. More
amazing activities are on the way and our summer project are
successfully conducted in China with all the hard work that our group
members have committed to it, previously.

The organization is divided into four groups, which are Program (AKA,
PG), Public Relations, Digital media and fundraising.

The most important group within CPLA would be PG, they are the brain of
the organization. The members of this groups focus on summer projects,
in a more detailed sense, they focus on the key questions of whether the
summer projects are doable or not. Such questions would be first of all,
how much would the entire project cost and later it would move on to
what are some of the crucial issues that Chinese society has at the
moment. This group has successfully held many summer projects. Besides,
summer projects, this group also focuses on philanthropic within United
States or Eugene to be more processed. They have successfully, held Love
Breakfast, Green Restaurants and Zero Waste as well as Love Journey
which many celebrities in China were aware how important certain issues

If you want to join PG, we hope that you are:

1: Interested in and aware of social issues both China and America.
2: Interested in planning
3: Good at balancing team work and independent work
4: Responsible, creative and strategic

PR or public relations,
Focus on social media and asking sponsorships. In a sense that, when an
event occurs, PR members need to update details about the event on ALL
social media platforms, such as Instagram, WeChat, Facebook and Weibo.

In order to become a member or PR group, we want you to,

1: Good at using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
Weibo and WeChat.( If you do not know how to operate the last two,
surely the leader of the group would guide you through it.)
2: Good at communication with other people and interested in further you
careers in Public relations in the future
3: Innovative, aware of issues and inequalities going on around you
4: If you have any experience working in the area, please join us!!

DG, also known as Design group concentrate on designing all the posters
for all the projects and filming, editing.

The requirements for joining DG are:

1: The candidate need to be interested in design, also needs to be
creative and thoughtful and passionate about design
2: Good at team work, willing to work for the organization
3: Responsible and good at time management skills
4: familiar with one of the following software would be more than
welcome to join Digital media group:
1): Familiar with the basic software of Adobe Creative Suite, such as
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc.
2):Good at or able to use any editing software (In terms of video and
audio editing)
Such as, Adobe Premiere Pro, or Final Cut Pro, Adobe edition, Audacity
5: Had certain level of drawing skills and art skills and familiar with
art software on computers and laptops.
6: Good at photographing


The final group is Fundraising group, which concentrates on planning all
CPLA on campus activities. It successfully held Voice of UO, Flea market
and many other activities on campus. All the funds that the group
collected during the event, all goes to the summer projects in China.

The basic requirement for joining this group would be,
1: Good at team work
2: Responsible
3: Innovative
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