Audition Rule

Audition Rule

  1. This competition is open to all University of Oregon students. Contestants can choose whatever songs that they want to perform. All types of music can be accepted, including pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, latin, country, blues, indie and so on.
  2. Contestants must submit the demos to by midnight on March 3rd. All demos should be no longer than 90 seconds and in MP3 format.

Format: Full Name-Song’s name.MP3


  1. Contestants would have to provide personal profile information as follows: Full name: Student ID: Song’s name: Email: Phone number: Profile picture (use for voting cover).
  2. The public will vote and select the top 8 singers online based on the numbers of votes (50%) and the judge opinion(50%).
  3. CPLA will announce the top 8 singers after the voting process and the finale will be held in the EMU Ballroom on April 9th.

All participants give CPLA unrestricted authorization to use their name, photo, voice recording, video recording, entry materials or likeness in promotional materials without further compensation. The judges and audiences reserve the rights to disqualify any contestant whose performance does not meet the Judges and audience standards.

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