The Voice of UO 2017 TOP 8


We have felt everyone’s passion for music and courage of pursuing the dream in the past one month. We also hope that each contestant is able to get the grade with which he or she is satisfied, no matter during the process of audition or the vote.


在过去的7天中,所有海选歌曲在Soundcloud上的总收听量突破了31,000!在此CPLA感谢每一位关注并参与本届The Voice of UO的同学们。

The songs from audition have taken more than 31,000 hits on the Soundcloud. Thanks, everyone’s participation and support to The Voice of UO.


在结束网络海选人气投票后,结合专业评审的评分,2017 CPLA The Voice of UO 前八强新鲜出炉,强势来袭。

We have selected the top 8 contestants based on the grades from professional judges and online vote.

Fan Yujun (樊昱君) – 让我陪在你身边

James Brandon Hall – The Change

Li Chengyi & Liu Zhongda (李成熠&刘仲达) – 成全

Pan Pan潘盼一个像夏天一个像秋天

Wang Qinyi & Yin Zixin (王钦一&印子欣) – 平凡之路

Xu Yue (徐悦) – 柠檬草的味道

Yang Zhenyu (杨震宇) – 笑忘书

Zhou Qiao(周桥) – 成全


(The list above is in alphabetical order instead of rank of contestants)

CPLA在此恭喜以上八位进入最终总决赛的选手,同时也感谢参与本次 The Voice of UO 2017海选的所有选手。

Congratulate the eight contestants above and we would also like to thank other contestants’ participation.



The final grades consist of the vote (50%) and grades from our professional judges (50%).



*The judges’ scoring criteria depends on 5 different parts: tone, pitch, beats, skills, and pronunciation.



Audition Result Score:

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