The Objectives Of CPLA Love Journey–The Forgotten Children

The aim of this project is to empower the “Left-Behind Children” through an educational extra-curriculum in this summer, to mitigate the effect on the absence of parents by creating one to one mentorship. The Chinese Philanthropy Leadership Association (CPLA) will provide mentor and other kinds of help to those children, at the meantime, to enrich Left-Behind Children’s life experiences in summer. In addition, by publicizing the problem, CPLA also hopes to educate the public about the unique group, and raise the awareness on the Left Behind children both in China and the U.S.

CPLA will achieve two main goals by helping Left-Behind Children during the project: Firstly, CPLA will help those Left-Behind Children to build their dreams in the seven days’ program. For long term, CPLA will continue to communicate with those children, in order to support them in achieving their dreams. Secondly, through seven days’ period, CPLA will help the Left- Behind Children to improve their psychological behavior, and will strive to cultivate their thoughts. By the end of the project, Left-Behind Children will learn to thank their parents. Moreover, those children will understand the importance of learning, and eventually, they would have a fresh prospective toward their future life.


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