Rules of Running Ducks

Here is the rules of Running Ducks:

1. Every team has 5 members, and CPLAers will count the time of each team on each small games. The start location is Duck Store, and there will be 4 small games during the tour and finally each team will compete other teams with  “Scratching the name tags” Game.

2.The gaming time will be counted by CPLAers during the whole game tour. And finally, CPLAers will count every teams score and find out the best 2 teams into the final round.


PS: 1. The application fee is $10/person, and $40/team($10 off if pay as a team), you can make an application here: APPLICATION

2. If you do not have a team, CPLAers will randomly set teams for you.

3. Game day is 17th, April on Friday, and it will begin at 12:00 pm, which  is located at Duck Store.

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