Transforming Waste Into Empowerment (TWIE)

Transforming Waste into Empowerment (TWIE)

We are the first Chinese student group that aims to reduce educational resource waste in China by recycling printed education materials and equipments from Chinese urban schools. We willdonate all the recycled materials to under-resourced schools in rural areas in China, to promote the idea of sustainability among both urban students and rural students. We believe every student in China deserves a chance to learn, and therefore we hope to empower students by granting more resources for their school work. Currently, under-resourced schools in rural area can only access 10% or less of the resources available to schools in urban China.

This year we will start in Hunan Province. Firstly, we will make a list of urban schools and under-resourced schools, and then have an urban school “adopt” one under-resourced school as a “sponsor”. As sponsors, these urban schools will recycle their printed education materials as well as equipments at the end of each school year, and then donate these materials to their “adopted” schools. For each urban school, we will hire 2 volunteers as school facilitators (a student and a teacher) and 1 college student as our liaison to increase our accountability. TWIE will provide necessary training, or funding if needed to maintain this annual recycling event for each school selected and be on site for delivery and evaluation.




我们一起策划了一个倡导议案TWIE Transforming Waste into Empowerment), 因为这个议案,我们拿到了4月份去参加克林顿总统开办的Clinton Global Initiative Univerisity 2011 Conference的机会。我们议案的宗旨是将中国城市学校里每年浪费的书回收起来,然后捐给缺乏资源的乡村学校来减少资源浪费以及促进城乡教育资源平 等化,我们会在UO发起fundraising,一切资金与项目的筹办和准备都会在暑假之前完成。为了使我们的组织开展得更加顺利和得以延续,我们现在需 要招志愿者。如果你对non-profit有兴趣,愿意在课余参加一些 活动,或者你愿意为中国的回收以及教育的发展做一份贡献,请与我或者方甸联系。

我们会组织information meeting等等并且随之更新, 所以, 请有兴趣的各位常来这转转。如有问题,请给我们留言或者发邮件,我们会尽快回复!我们的志愿者将会参与整个计划的不同方面而不只作为”捐书者”,这些参与 的方面包括PR, writing grants, contacting school representatives, primary information gathering, preparing/giving presentation, web design, communication, etc. 当然我们的志愿者在人数许可的情况下可以自由选择他们希望参与的项目。

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