TWIE Group Meeting

TWIE Volunteer meeting–Feb,5th 2011

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Transforming Waste into Empowerment (TWIE)

Volunteer meeting

February 5th, 2011

From: Dian Du

To: TWIE volunteers

CC: Isabell Zhu

Present: Isabell Zhu

Dian Du

Michelle Li

Kiki Wang

Chu Wu

Eason Ding

Jess Chen

Shane Peng

Fei Lu

Hao Liu

Yu Tian

Xinwei Fu

Qingqin Zhu

Ran Wei

Sissi Jiang

Neyney Shi

Mo Zhou

Absent: Tina Wan

Mona Sun

Ruiqian Zhao

Meeting was opened at 4:00pm in EMU Rogue Room.

1          Introduction + welcome

1.1  Everyone introduced themselves with names, majors, years in school, hometowns, and which group there are in.

1.2  Isabell introduced TWIE in short for new volunteers.

2        Group re-assignment

2.1  Isabell introduced group leaders.

2.2  Fei, Xinwei, Sissi and Mona are in communication team for now.

2.3  Dian gave a quick introduction of each groups

2.3.1        PR group will be working on designing logo, poster and video, and creating facebook and xiaonei groups. PR will also work on developing our blog in both English and Chinese.

2.3.2        Fundraising group will focus on planning events, fundraising, contacting US foundations and organizations, and book donation in the US.

2.3.3        Communication group will research on schools in Hunan, contacting foundations and organizations in China, and fundraising in China.

2.4  Dian readdressed the format and importance of group meeting minutes.

3        Readdress the importance as a TWIE volunteer

3.1  Dian talked about the rules for volunteers. If a volunteer did not come to a meeting for 2-3 times (depend on the performance of the volunteers), will be considered peer-evaluation.

3.2  Isabell highlighted the importance of commitment, working as team, and benefits of being in TWIE.

3.3  Dian talked about CGI U individual application.

4        Updates after meeting with the Chief Education Consul from the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco

4.1  Isabell talked about the ideas that Education Consul gave to us, such as contacting the urban schools who already have relationship with a rural school, fundraising in China, contacting media in China, and collecting children’s books here and donating to city schools in China.

5        Group time

5.1  Each group met for 20 minutes. (Please ask your group leader for group meeting minutes)

6        Brainstorming ideas

6.1  Co-hosting events with other student clubs (holding)

6.2  Tabling—sell stuff and cookies (Pass–Fundraising group in charge)

6.3  Take photos of the kids in the country schools and use the photos to make thanks card for the donors (holding)

6.4  Sell bottle water at Chinese students basketball game (holding—contact CSSA first)

6.5  Create facebook and xiaonei group pages (Pass—PR group in charge)

6.6  Contact Chinese foundations (Pass—Communication group in charge)

6.7  Design logo for TWIE (Pass—PR group in charge)

6.8  Fundraising at churches (Pass—Fundraising group in charge)

6.9  Contact education related organizations (Pass—Fundraising and communication group in charge)

6.10              Advertise TWIE in magazines (Holding—contact Hua Feng)

6.11              Host Info Sessions at Chinese colleges (Pass—Communication group in charge)

6.12              Ask other group for money, such as Holden, LLC (Pass—Fundraising group in charge)

6.13              Sell Valentine’s day stickers (Holding—ask if there is enough time to make the stickers)

6.14              Talent show in front of campus/EMU (Pass—Fundraising group in charge)

6.15              Chinese show—co-host with other universities in Oregon (Holding—contact CSSA in other universities first)

6.16              Game Night (Pass—Fundraising group in charge)

6.17              Contact LCC (Pass—Fundraising group in charge)

6.18              Sell basketball/football with athletes signatures on it (Holding—contact first)

6.19              Yard sales (Pass—Fundraising group in charge)

6.20              Contact Chinese restaurants (Pass—Fundraising group in charge)

Meeting was closed at 6pm.

Next volunteer meeting is on Feb. 12th, 2011. Location TBA.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dian Du

TWIE Group Meeting

From: Dian Du

To: TWIE volunteers

CC: Isabell Zhu

Meeting was opened at 4:20pm in EMU Metolius Room.

1          Ice breaker

1.1  Everyone talked about their names, majors, year in school, and something about themselves that is interesting.

2          Introduction about TWIE

2.1         Isabell introduced what our vision, mission and what we do. (See TWIE info sheet for detail).

2.2         Isabell introduced each teams: PR, communication and fundraising, and group leader role in each group. (See TWIE groups for detail). Dian highlighted the importance of group meetings and the projects each group needs to work on right now.

2.3         Isabell talked about the execution plan, fundraising goal and draft budget.

3          Volunteers filled out the application forms

4          Volunteers gave suggestions

4.1         Michelle and Eason thought we should contact boarding schools/private in Changsha.

4.2         Eason suggested to contact more “adopted” schools and possibly local government.

Meeting was closed at 5:10pm.

Next volunteer meeting is TBA.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dian Du

Who are we?

Transforming Waste into Empowerment (TWIE)
Vision: TWIE believes that every under-privileged child deserves a chance to learn by providing them with sufficient educational resources, and the urgency for sustainability.
Mission: TWIE will work toward this vision by initiating regional movements for textbook recycling to practice the idea of sustainability and educational equality.
About TWIE:

We are the first Chinese student group that aims to reduce educational material waste in China by recycling text books and other educational related materials from Chinese urban schools. We will donate all the recycled materials to under-resourced schools in rural areas in China, in order to help both urban students and rural students practicing the idea of sustainability. We believes every student in China deserves a chance to learn, and therefore hopefully can greatly empower students by granting more materials for their school work. Currently, under-resourced schools in rural area can only access to 10% or less of the resources available to schools in urban China.

This year we will start in Hunan Province. Firstly, we will make a list of urban schools and under-resourced schools, and then have an urban school “adopt” one under-resourced school as a “sponsor”. As sponsors, these urban schools will recycle text books and other educational related materials at the end of each school year and donate these materials to their “adopted” schools. For each urban school, we will hire 2 volunteers as school facilitators (a student and a teacher) and 1 college student as our liaison to increase accountability. TWIE will provide necessary training, or funding if needed to maintain this annual recycling event for each school selected.

***If you have entrepreneurial ideas that may help TWIE become more financially stable, feel free to summit your ideas to TWIE initiator Dian or Isabell.

**If you have additional questions regarding our project, feel free to contact TWIE initiator Dian or Isabell as well.

* If you think you know any resources that may work for TWIE, we will deeply appreciate your generosity in sharing them with us at.

Fangdian Du (Dian):
Xuanyao Zhu (Isabell):