CPLA Green Restaurant Event!

It’s been two weeks of hard working and studying. It’s time for us to have some fun. CPLA has this wonderful opportunity for all the students to participate in our Green Restaurant event and win some prizes. Our purpose is to encourage people using reusable chopsticks instead of disposal chopsticks or one-time chopsticks, which helps us protecting our environment. CPLA will work with three very well-know restaurants on campus, Maple Garden Chinese Restaurant, Lanzhou Restaurant and East Meets West by offering reusable chopsticks. After doing some research, we chose a kind of chopsticks are reusable, clean and dishwasher safe.

How to get involved? You will win a pair of chopsticks, by doing the following steps: 1. Wechat: Subscribe our official account CPLA_UO and share our event with your friends. Collect 20 likes, screen shot and send to us. OR 2. Facebook: & Weibo: Follow us Cpla Uo and share our event with your friends. Collect 20 likes. Deadline: Jan. 22 by 10 pm. The first 10 participants will win a pair of exquisitely customized chopsticks. How to choose and customize your prize? Please click this link : http://everythingchopsticks.com/engraved-personalized-chops… Choose any kind of chopsticks are no more than $16.95. OR Choose your favorite one (pictures or words) and send it to us. We will contact you. Protecting our planet and environment starts with you! shu tree

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