Coming-up event: Flea Market Spring 2012

CPLA is hosting Flea Market in the end of this term.
The dates of the Flea Market are 29 may 2012 to 21 May 2012, please feel free to take a look and support us.

Also, donations are always accepted for CPLA.
CPLA  accepts everything except food.
The drop off dates for donations are 16 May 2012, 23 May 2012, and 23 May 2012
If you want CPLA to pick up your donations, please call (541)914-5007  or (541) 337- 2402

Thank You very much for sharing your time and love to CPLA and CPLA’s philanthropic projects!

Texas Hold’em Poker 2012

The Texas Hold’em Poker 2012 , is one of the fundraising event, which was held by the CPLA on 5 May 2012. The funding of the event will go to support the trip for the CPLA annual project ILS  in the coming summer 2012.

The event was a huge success of CPLA, CPLA would like to take this opportunity to thanks all of their sponsors.









































Interview of CGI U 2012









In the end of March, five members of the CPLA have attended the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U). The CGI U is a weekend long program which brings together different world leaders who want to make a difference in their society. CGI U creates a stage for young people around the world to gather their ideas and learn how to be successful. There are nearly 1,200 attendees come together in the CGI U every year. Charlie Champell, Even Yu, Holly Ye, Xie Tian, and Yang Yi are five of the 1,200 attendees who had went to CGI U this year. They were motivated and had inspired by the passion and ideas in CGI U, and now they are trying to apply what they had learned from CGI U to CPLA, in order to pull CPLA a step closer to success.


C-Charlie   E-Even   H-Holly   X-Xie Tian   Y-Yang Yi


1. Why did you want to attend CGI U?

X: First, it is a great opportunity to get the name of CPLA out there; we were trying to reach out for potential collaboration. Secondly, DC is just overall a dream place to be. Besides, having a chance to meet Clinton was a great honor

E: When our CPLA members are back from the CGI U last year, they were very impressed with how much they had learned. I wish to explore different ideas to improve our association just like they did last year.

Y: I think it is because of President Clinton, we want to share our mission with him.


2. Before going to CGI U, what do you think you will learn? Does it turned out like what you had expected?

E: Yes! I think I will hear more creative ideas.

Y: It is actually what I want, social working! Many people want to listen to other’s commitment.

C: I think it is way more than what I had expected! I have never been in a room where is full of smart people! It truly over my expectation!


3. What had you done in CGI U?

H: We had joined different meeting sections. For me, I had joined a fundraising meeting; it had given me a different perspective. Now, I had better sense of how to get funds from people who like our ideas.

E: Through the CGI U, we had to explain who we are to others. We had our table in the exhibits. Lots of people will come and ask our commitment and details about CPLA!

Y: We also had joined the opening ceremony! Many famous and successful people were invited to have a speech in the opening ceremony. I really enjoyed it! I think it motivated and inspired me.

C: People who talked in the opening ceremony reminds me that there is always something new we had to learn. We shouldn’t underestimate ourselves.

X: We had met President Clinton, it was a great honor!


4. What had you learn from CGI U?

Y: I had learned that we should use social media more often, and move our idea to action.

E: I had joined the same section with Yang Yi. I had learned how to contact with our public; how to make a good use of social media and how to contact celebrities to promote CPLA.

C: Evaluation of you result is an important step to get close to success. I also learned about environment change and social enterprise. It can benefit our community while we are making profit.


5. How CGI U has helps you?

Y: I am an international student from China, and CGI U gave me a stage to feel more confidence to my English. It is important to do everything in my best.


6. Are there any bad experiences through CGI U?

X: It is not a bad experience, but I wish CGI U can last a week instead of a weekend, that way we can network with more people.

Y: We actually did, when Even and I tried to present our commitment, one of the members in our discussion group has distracted us and ignored us. Maybe our commitment is not attractive to him? However, if it happens next time, I will try to ask the person questions in order get their attention on what I want to present.

H: I am not sure if it is a bad experience, but I didn’t get much in one of my session. However, I learned how to motivate others by my passion of working in CPLA!

C: Some of the people in the CGI U have the concept of a good commitment; however, it is a bit disappointing to know that they didn’t achieve it.


7. What is the best thing you had gain from CGI U?

X: The whole experience was hard to express by my limited words. However, it was definitely an eye opener by any means.

C: I think being in Washington DC is awesome! It is very nice to go to a place that you can track your history. I love the Jefferson memorial, I had known more about our founding father. Being in Washington DC has given me a great motivation to want to make a different.

Y: I think I had gain a lot from the guest speakers. They are very inspiring. After listening to their speech, I learned that failure is only a process of learning. We shouldn’t underestimate ourselves

H: Interacting with different people and learning their commitment around the world is the best thing I have gained from CGI U.


8. Do you think CGI U worth going?

X: Yes! I like the idea that CGI U serves as a rallying point for people who care about social change. I was inspired by speaker who had spoken in CGI U. CGI U has created an opportunity for us to meet important figures.

C: Of course it worth! We had gain a lot from CGI U.

H: I think it depends on your financial status, but overall it worth!


9. Are the business cards you sent out and received useful?

C: I think they are mostly useful for communicating with other association. I am going to organize them in our email, in case we need any corporation with the others.

E: Other than business, we actually have kept contact with other organization, to keep them update of the status of CPLA.


10. What will you do better next time in CGI U, if you get a chance to go again?

E: I think we should print more business cards, and we should put more colorful thing on our poster in the exhibits. It is a key to get others’ interests.

Y: I think we should do more research of our speakers before going to conference, that way, we will understand more about their life goal.

C: For me, I think I should write a journal about my experience from the CGI U every night. All I got right now is notes, but I wish I could record my feelings and experiences more detail.

H: We should also bring the equipment about our projects to the exhibits. It is hard to explain sometime.


11. Any tips for people who want to apply to attend CGI U next year?

Y: I think showing that you have a good personality in the application is important.

C: In my opinion, I think the most important is your commitment. It can be an idea you haven’t success yet. Many people in the CGI U wrote good commitment in their application, however, they didn’t achieve them.


12. Any tips for future CGI U attendances to be success in CGI U?

Y: I think they should join the pre-dinner. Even though it is not a mandatory, I think it is a good way to know more people and get yourself ready for CGI U.

E: Social networking. Before you go to CGI U, you should check their Facebook group. Lots of people comment in there and I bet you will get a good sense of what you are going to do in CGI U.

C: From what I had heard, I think individuals’ application is more acceptable than group application, because it shows more about your commitment and personality.