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  • The Voice of UO 2017 TOP 8

    在过去一个月的时间里,我们感受到了大家对于音乐的热情和追求梦想的勇气。无论是在踊跃报名的海选过程中,亦或是激烈的投票打分环节里,我们比任何人都期待着每一位选手能够取得令人满意的成绩。 We have felt everyone’s passion for music and courage of pursuing the dream in the past one month. We also hope that each contestant is able to get the grade with which he or she is satisfied, no matter during the process of audition or the vote.   在过去的7天中,所有海选歌曲在Soundcloud上的总收听量突破了31,000!在此CPLA感谢每一位关注并参与本届The Voice of UO的同学们。 The songs […]