CPLA 2018 宝贝是超人参与成员及志愿者名单

CPLA 2018 宝贝是超人参与成员及志愿者名单


Day 4: Super babies, ready to fly!

DAY 4: 宝贝超人,飞向蓝天!

Day 4: Super babies, ready to fly!


Today is the fourth day that we have been here, which is also the last day of our summer project the “Super Baby”. All of our volunteers developed a good friendships with the children unconsciously as time went by. At the same time, all of the lectures and materials are approaching ending to the end.


During these three days, CPLAers on present and volunteers have helped the children to enrich their knowledge about nutrition and health, body recognition and self protection under a joyful learning atmosphere. These children aged between of four or and five will become the “super babies” with wisdoms and courages as we expected.

作为本次活动的负责人之一,我不仅仅见证了长沙小牛津第二幼儿园宝贝们的成长,也目睹了CPLA 本次活动志愿者们的热情和努力。最让我印象深刻的是,我们本次活动的成员和志愿者们为了让课程更加丰富更加专业,每天在学校上完课都会根据当天的上课情况召开紧急会议来及时地调整教案,有时候回到酒店大家也会聚在一起讨论到深夜。

As one of the accounts for this summer project, I didn’t only witness what those young students have accomplished in these few days, but also the efforts and passions our volunteers and CPLAers have showed. What impressed me the most was that in order to make our classes more various and professional, our crew would have meetings right away based on what happened on that day and to adjust teaching methods, sometimes we stayed late at night in the hotel.


During this project, there were difficulties and issues, but everyone had always been united to face the sudden situation, and the teachers of the kindergarten also provided us a lot of help.


The project “Super baby” gave us an opportunity to get along with the children and made me understand the importance of teamwork as well. I believe this is an extraordinary experience for every volunteer, whereas for CPLA, it has also made us more united and cohesive.

在这里,CPLA 要衷心感谢各位长沙小牛津第二幼儿园的领导们和老师们!过去一周的时间,我们真心的感谢园方对我们本次活动的准备与付出!CPLA全体成员及宝贝是超人活动志愿者祝长沙小牛津幼儿园越办越好,也祝长沙小牛津第二幼儿园的小朋友们天天开心,健康成长!

Here, CPLA would like to sincerely thank all the school executives and teachers of Changsha Small Oxford Kindergarten for your great help. We truly appreciate all the work that you have done for the “Super babies”! CPLA members and volunteers wish Changsha Small Oxford Kindergarten will be well, and wish all the children be happy and healthy!





All the Super babies,

Listen up!

Go! Take off now!

Day 3: Super babies are loading

DAY 3: 宝贝超人进阶中

Day 3: Super babies are loading



CPLA’s summer project the “Super Baby” has turned into day 3. We received countless smiles and positive feedbacks from young students and parents in the past two days. Today, we’d like to share real testimonies from our volunteers.


One of the accounts of the “Super Baby”: Yubo Huang


Old cities, green water, and smoky weather. We were all pumped up and couldn’t stop to prepare for the second day after the first day of the summer project, even though we were really tired after traveling so long. Although there were ups and downs during the preparation of this project, but we finally worked it out. I’m so proud and touched by everyone who has made efforts and worked so hard for this, and I want to thank everyone for that, it wouldn’t be so completed with you guys.


I also want to thank those young students for cooperating with us. The more they engaged in our activities, the more proud we felt for ourselves. There is a saying in ancient Chinese by the master: “when I walk along with two others, they may serve me as my teachers.” I felt pure naivety from them, and I learned from them how to be like children again, which let me unload all the pressures and uncertainties I had before the activity. I felt so warm and proud that they could learn something new about their bodies and how to protect themselves.


CPLAer: Zirui Li


Today is our second day teaching here. We feel more relaxed and comfortable working with these young students. Based on the experience we had yesterday, we have better communications with them and better understanding about how they think. I think we have improved on how to communicate with them.


My group mainly focused on “healthy food”. We used couple of ways to interact with them on this part. For example, we let them watch animation videos as well as make juice by themselves. We thought that watching animation videos would keep them more interested because we thought we could ask easier questions to consolidate their memories.


In the same time, we wanted to let them have fun on making juice by themselves and tell them how beneficial the juice can be to their bodies. In the future, we will keep upgrading our classes, and we hope we can be better next time.


Volunteer: Annan Chen


After two days of volunteering experience, I think this summer project is interesting. We had nutrition class with young students, went to “food maze”, filled color for the pyramid, and made juice for young students.


I was nervous on day one. That was the first time that I had class with little children. I was not sure if I could do it well or not, I was not sure if they would obedient or not, and what if I couldn’t keep the discipline in the classroom. I was worried about all of these problems. However, I felt relieved when we finished day one. The children did great job. They did what we said even though they are so little. They were so willing to cooperate with us and to interact with us when we asked questions and played games. This helped us a lot because their interactions gave us confidence to introduce them more about the nutrition and health.


In the classroom, we needed to act like children. We used their languages and behaviors to communicate in order to integrate into them. Even though we were tired in these few days, it was worth doing this when we saw the smile on their face. I felt happy to bring them happy.

Day 2: Super babies becoming

DAY 2: 宝贝超人初长成

Day 2: Super babies becoming



Along with the morning sunrise and soft breeze, we stepped into the small Oxford Kindergarten and started the official teaching session of the “Super baby”. When we walked into the kindergarten, we had expectations yet worries and excitements At 9 o’clock in the morning, music started playing, and children started to come into the class. Teachers stood cordially at the door and welcomed us.



On the first day, it was inevitable that the physical cognitive lessons made us feel a bit cautious, but the kids were enthusiastic to welcome the older brothers and sisters from afar, which made us feel less nervous. I thought that the content of our course would be boring and the children would be shy, but surprisingly, the performance was unexpectedly good. We first asked a series of questions about the physical characteristics of boys and girls, and the children responded enthusiastically. The answers went even beyond from body parts to behavioral habits. The interactions and cooperations made our first lesson go smoothly.


Then we introduced privacy body parts to the young students, and educated them how to protect themselves. We also gave the children a picture of a little boy and girl wearing vests. We told them to use stickers to hide the privacy parts that need to be protected. Seeing that the children become aware of self-protecting because of our curriculum, we all felt a sense of accomplishment.


After class, the kindergarten teachers gave us a lot of useful suggestions for our class, which helped us to spend class time more efficiently and better ways to communicate with children. We have learned a lot from them. The young voices of the children were full of vigor and vitality. Their voices seemed to be colorful, and we could see on them that the pure innocent souls radiate the light of hope. I hope that our activities will provide them useful information, just like an umbrella, to protect them and let them grow up happily.


In the self-protection section, every child was very interactive in our activities and games. During the class, our volunteer teachers and children performed interesting and vivid scenarios, and the children’s participation was very high, especially when they answer teacher’s questions. Later, the young teachers organized the children to have a discussion sessions, and we let the children summed up the content of their own lessons.


Through our class activities, young students learned that they should not talk with strangers or answer strangers’ questions casually, and they should not receive food/drinks that strangers hand over. They have also learned self-protected knowledge and skills. Although being a teacher was new and hard, we felt genuinely happy and satisfied to see children were actively cooperating with us.


On the first day, our volunteers introduced “food pyramid” which is about nutrition balance and health to the young students. We played animation videos and color-filling games to educate them the differences between food categories like proteins, vegetables, fruit, and carbs and how to balance daily meals.


“What impressed me was that when those children saw the food models that we have prepared for them. Suddenly it was like the classroom was full of energy and excitement. They were all very excited and couldn’t wait to have fun with it.” Their expectations and smiles meant a lot to the volunteers, and they almost felt they are melt by those smiles faces. After we let young students pick food models, we wished they could use what they learned to design meals for their parents. Some of them didn’t like eating vegetables at all and some of them loved candies, but after the class, they told our volunteers that they would have more healthy food.




With all the happiness and sense of achievement, we finished our classes today. We believe that our effort will make influences on these kids positively someday in the future.